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About us

Since 2009, our parent company, MaxiTrad has been handling translation requests from many French and international companies. But for several years, legal professionals have been asking us about their desire to have a specific response to their needs. Services combining quality and responsiveness by legal translation experts with expertise in their fields and professions.
With this in mind, the LawTrad department, MaxiTrad's specialised legal translation department, was created. With an excellent customer satisfaction rate, LawTrad has become a European reference for your legal translations.


Legal fields

Administrative acts

Translation of all types of acts performed
within the legal framework of a
administrative request


Translation of all documents
related to resolution, mediation of disputes during
the arbitration phase

Commercial Law

Legal translations of commercial and legal texts of commercial companies,
entrepreneurs, etc.

Business Law

or Company law, legal translations of articles of association, shareholders' agreements, commercial leases, governance texts...

Tax law

Translation of tax consultancy documents, various declarations, rectification, trust,
donation, tax review, etc.

Finance and Banking Law

Translations of your documents for financial markets, banks, etc. and
other financial institutions


Social and Labor Law

Translations of social management documents, contracts, agreements, profit-sharing, staff representation ...

P.I. and Copyright

Translation of texts related to
trademark law, works protection,
patent law and inventions, etc.

IT & new technologies

Translation service contract,
outsourcing, hosting,
expertise of cyber attacks, etc.

Insurance Law

Translations of expertise, report,
contract, declaration of disaster, sinters...

Competition law

Translation of analysis, litigation, European law, compliance programs, agreement procedure, etc.

Doctrine, Editorial

Legal Translation of Laws, Codes,
decrees and annexes, amendment, etc.

translation project management workflow


An efficient and personalised process.

Quote request

Contact, analysis of your request and need, creation of a
personalized legal translation quote, dedicated contact.

Translation by legal experts

Planning and sourcing of the legal translator according to the field
of the Law concerned, retrieval of reference documents
or Glossary of terms if necessary, completion of the legal translation.

Quality control before delivery

Whatever the service chosen (Professional or Premium), proofreading and
systematic verification of the legal translation: respect for terminology, layout...
In Premium option, proofreading by a second legal expert translator for
a legal translation with a large volume distribution.

Call on experts in legal translation. Consult us for more information.

Translations Services


from 0.18/words
  • Professional translation +
  • 2nd Proofreading by legal expert
  • Optimal layout
  • Quality control
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from 0.14/words
  • Translation by legal expert
  • Application of the Glossary
  • Complete layout
  • Pre-delivery Quality Control
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from 70/page
  • Expert translator at the Court of Appeal

  • Sworn translation of both documents

  • Sending a scan of the file

  • Choice of delivery method

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Website localisation

from 0.16/words
  • Translation of your website

  • Respect of Source coding

  • File immediately usable

  • Pre-delivery Quality Control

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Proofreading, Edition, Updating

from 0.06/words
  • Use of existing terminology and refrence materials

  • Work in track-changes (mark-up)

  • Delivery of "clean" and "markup" versions

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from 50/hour
  • Respect of original formats

  • Adaptation of graphics

  • Full layout (font, images)

  • Quality control

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Key figures

  • % customer satisfaction (2017 survey)

  • Completed projects

  • Translated words

  • Legal translators

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Some Customer references

Recent legal translation projects


Translation of a Share Purchase Agreement

International Law Firm.
EN>FR - 23,500 words - 8 working days.


Sworn translation of legal correspondence

Legal department, agribusiness company.
FR>ES - 12 pages - 4 working days.


Translation of an arbitration award

French law firm. PI / Copyright.
FR>DE - 3,540 words - 2.5 days.


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